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eco:Drive Fleet helps fleet managers and drivers improve their fuel efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint, simply and effectively. It’s a free and easy-to-use solution that helps everyone contribute to your business’s social responsibility goals – and it could cut your fuel costs by up to 16%.

How does it work?

eco:Drive Fleet is based on eco:Drive can gather driving data from the vehicle and analyse it to improve driving efficiency.

Why it’s in beta

eco:Drive Fleet is in beta while we’re testing and improving it to ensure it’s the best it can be. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us do this, so we’d like to know what you think. As more fleet managers take part, we’ll be able to improve the service together.

logo ecoDrive Mobile

You can use the mobile application to access eco:Drive™ functions directly from your smartphone. You’ll have an eco trainer at hand to help you improve your driving efficiency, monitor your progress and share it with others.

The application

eco:Drive™ Mobile is an innovative application which allows you to optimise the online management of your company car fleet and makes it even easier to cut fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

How to activate it

After having installed eco:Drive™ Mobile on a smartphone device, drivers can access their own eco:Drive™ profile using the company’s Fleet ID and entering or selecting the details of their own vehicle.

Fleet, always online.

eco:Drive™ Mobile saves the journey’s data and transmits it to the eco:Drive™ Fleet service where the company fleet manager can monitor the consumption and emissions of every vehicle on the road in real time. At the same time, drivers can verify the efficiency of their driving style using the eco:Index viewed on their smartphone. What’s more, having set up GPS tracking, drivers can check their position and eco performance at the wheel and at any time during the journey. GPS data is not transmitted: only the driver can see it.


eco:Drive™ Mobile currently available in a beta version. The functions available could vary according to the device model and may not be available on all versions.
eco:Drive™ Mobile is currently supported by the following operating systems:

    • Android 4.0 and above
  • iOS
    • iOS 6 and above (iPhone, iPad)

Read all about eco:Drive™ Mobile's functions on the eco:Drive™ website.

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logo ecoDrive Live

Your eco-friendly personal driving instructor is waiting for you onboard: eco:Drive™ Live is the new version of eco:Drive™ and it works with the UConnect infotainment system.

How it works

eco:Drive™ Live is integrated into the Uconnect™ system available. View all the information generated by the application in real time on the colour touchscreen.

Eco Trainer

eco:Drive™ Live monitors drivers’ driving style in real time and provides instant advice, like a real eco trainer, on four facets that are fundamentally important to every aspiring eco:Driver: Acceleration, Gear changes, Speed and Deceleration.

Aim: Savings

eco:Drive™ Live is supplementary and additional to eco:Drive™ Mobile. The speed of access to information results in improved efficiency, both for the fleet manager and the driver of the company vehicle. The goal is getting closer: saving up to 16% of petrol costs and a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions.

Find out how it works


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How does eco:Drive Fleet work?

The eco:Drive Fleet dashboard gives you a live overview of your eco:Drive vehicles, showing you key data like CO2 savings, fuel consumption and money saved – all in one convenient place.

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